Snack time with bhie. 😊🍟🍔
After 2 months. Ngayon ko lang ulit naputulan.
I saw my past.  💔
This guy is my date last night.
Ang hirap pumili kapag dalawa abg kadate mo.
Today is the start of ber month❄⛄🎄 and 1st day gor the month of September.  Achievement for this month. Is to be wet! JOKE! Make all the people around me to be happy, laughing out loud. And to spent more time with the MaliboGamers 👊👌😊
Taking some pictures before they leave.  :)
Because I miss her a lot.  Selfie with her.  :) @lexalavs943
Im ready for adventure.  :)
Wound.  Blood.
Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.
With the girls..  😃👧❤💛
With Yusuke ✌❤
Perfect picture taking with my cousins.  😄❤💙💚💛💜👌✌
My baby’s first check-up. ❤🚲💉💊